The Building Committee is preparing to
meet with the architects and they need your help!

Your opinion is extremely valuable
and they want to hear from all of you.

Therefore, they have created
6 small ministry groups in order
to hear the needs from all areas
of the church.

You are all invited to attend
as many of the meetings as you would like.

Please don’t miss this chance to have your voice heard!

If you can't make a meeting you
can grab a Personal Input Page
in the church office or 
click below to get one.

Personal Input Page
Children's Ministry
8:30 am, Sunday, July 8th
10:30, Sunday, July 15th
Location - Arts & Crafts Room

Youth Ministry
5:00 pm, Monday, July 9th
5:00 pm, Thursday, July 12th
Location - Arts and Crafts Room

Adult Sunday School and Bible Studies
9:15 am, Sunday, July 8th
9:15 am, Sunday, July 15th
Location - Board Room 

Fellowship Ministry & Kitchen Needs
9:15 am, Sunday, July 8th
Location - Room next to elevators upstairs

General Building Needs
9:15 am, Sunday, July 8th
6:00 pm, Tuesday, July 10th
Location - Chapel

Music and Worship Ministry
6:00 pm, Tuesday, June 26th
6:00 pm, Wednesday, July 11th
Location - Green Room

Bus Drivers/Bus Riders!
Our bus is ready to go! If you or
someone you know needs a ride,
please call the church office during the week
and to be included on the list to be picked up.



UMW Trip to Harvesters!


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